Augmenting the Toolbox

Augmenting the Policymaker’s Toolbox for a Complex World

The book “To the Man with a Hammer… Augmenting the Policymaker’s Toolbox for a Complex World” includes nine articles authored by a distinguished panel of complexity experts and policy innovators. It provides concrete examples of promising insights and tools, drawing from complexity science, the digital revolution and interdisciplinary approaches.

As an appetizer (and book overview), read the introductory chapter by managing editors Jan Arpe and Quentin Dumont.

The main chapters have been contributed by Ian Goldin (University of Oxford), Dirk Helbing (ETH Zürich), Paul Ormerod (UCL, Volterra Partners), James Glattfelder (University of Zürich), César Hidalgo (MIT Media Lab), Graham Room (University of Bath), Bridget Rosewell (Volterra Partners, formerly Greater London Authority), Eve Mitleton-Kelly (LSE) and a team from the Eurace@Unibi project (University of Bielefeld).

The book may be ordered from Verlag Bertelsmann Stiftung. Alternatively, there may be some free copies left (contact me).